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Play a new genre strategy game where you control Vampires on the real world's map. We are testing specific game mechanics with the community. More than 1000 NFTs and Tokens in prizes. We're starting in March 2024.

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On a barely formed Earth, still shaped by meteors, from the unknown vast space, 666 Runes fell on the planet. When humans evolved from their apelike ancestors, the Runes activated and genetically altered 666 humans, transforming them into what we now know as Vampires.

They thrived and ruled the Earth from the shadows. Now, only 6,666 still roam in the dark and are ready to rebuild their empires and rule once again.

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Territory Domination Strategy Game

Players will use a 1:1 map of modern Earth to create strategies and tactics for maximizing $DARX rewards by interacting with a simple but immersive 2D web platform.

Players will use Vampire NFTs to access the platform and use them as Characters in a Virtual Land domination strategy game.

Players engage in entertaining Play-Earn-Claim daily activities by sending Vampires to Hunt & Fight.


What to expect?

  • Realistic NFT Art

    A collection of 6,666 unique Vampire NFTs grouped in 5 different collections, each representing a historical era where Vampires lived: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian.

  • High Token Utility

    $DARX token fuels the vampire world. It is used for all in-game purchases and character growth, and earned through gameplay (hunting & combat). $DARX is the only mean by which players can claim unowned territory on the world's map.

  • Earth-scaled map

    Players will control Vampires and Virtual Land as NFTs and create territory control strategies using the world's map. The map is synced with real world human population, sunset and sunrise, and a lot more.

  • Strategy gameplay

    Players will spend time working together to develop territory control strategies. They will deploy their strategies to earn a share of the daily emission of the game's token and compete for territory domination.

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