Renaissance Vampire

Limited supply of 1500 NFTs

With the importance of strategic thinking in the age of enlightenment these cunning schemers changed the dimension of the clan wars through the manipulation of the worthless pawns, humans.

They have successfully camouflaged themselves as philosophers and explorers in the eyes of the masses.

In their ambition to expand their domination over wider areas, the strategic masters increased their influence by puzzling the immature brains of the insignificant earthlings and explored unknown parts of the world.

By targeting the church, the biggest obstacle to their great ambition to expand their territory, they weakened its domination by planting the seeds of innovative and progressive ideas in the minds of their pawns.

They have come back today to distort the truth according to their own desires, to expand.

In game benefits:

  • Strength: T2-T5
  • Resistance: T2-T5
  • Speed: T2-T5
  • Stealth: T2-T5
  • Diplomacy: T2-T5
  • Filth Range: T1-T2
  • Conversion chance: T3-T5



Revenue Perks:

  • 20% royalties pool share
  • 20% spilled blood pool share
  • 10% fee in marketplace
  • Low chance for on-map NFT drops
  • Medium conversion rate