Ancient Vampires

Limited supply of 666 NFTs

The unknown forces of the universe sent powerful runestones reflecting a speck of their own power to different parts of the world to consume and rule.

Among the worthless humans, those whose souls were most prone to corruption by greed, felt the call of the runes in the deepest corners of their hearts and left behind their humanity as if it was just a dream, giving birth to a new life form subjugated by greed, passion, and chaos.

With their wings carrying Hell to earth, they filled the night with endless cries of destruction and their majestic but also terrifying existence, beyond the perception of mortal minds, caused either damnation or worship.

They are awakened from their centuries-long sleep by the call of the runes once again and they are shouting war cries like lullabies of chaos and terror, which cannot be chained this time.

In game benefits:

  • Strength: T1-T2
  • Resistance: T1-T2
  • Speed: T1-T2
  • Stealth: T4-T5
  • Diplomacy: T4-T5
  • Filth Range: T1-T2
  • Conversion chance: T1-T2



Revenue Perks:

  • 30% royalties pool share
  • 30% spilled blood pool share
  • 30% fee in marketplace
  • Medium chance for on-map NFT drops
  • High conversion rate