Limited supply of 666 NFTs

On a barely formed Earth, still shaped by meteors, from the unknown vast space, 666 Runes fell on the planet.

The mystical Runes, stones with well-defined shape, writings and immense power, buried deep within the earth, waited for life to thrive on the planet before manifesting their purpose.

When humans evolved from their apelike ancestors, the Runes activated and genetically altered 666 humans, transforming them into what we now know as Vampires.

The Runes play an important role in the Clans. More about revenue perks and functionality will be reveled. 


Some of the benefits of owning a Rune are:

  • 50% royalties pool share
  • 50% spilled blood pool share
  • 0% fee in marketplace
  • High chance for on-map NFT drops
  • Increased vampire conversion rate