Medieval Vampires

Limited supply of 1500 NFTs

They awoke from their eternal sleep feeling their passion to fight and conquer to their bones.

With their relentless fighting skills and brutal force, they strike fear on the battlefield.

In their eternal desire to combat, these pale skinned and daring warriors develop their armour with the spoils they take from their enemies.

The more they fight, the stronger they become and with this, they are ever prone to clash and conquer.

The castles they built to stay away from unwanted glances pushed human beings to mirror them and caused the expansion of feudal principalities.

During the endless wars between the clans, they used the Crusades as a cover up to spread over wider lands by causing great slaughter and spreading fear and terror among all the living battle forces.

In game benefits:

  • Strength: T1-T2
  • Resistance: T2-T5
  • Speed: T2-T5
  • Stealth: T2-T5
  • Diplomacy: T2-T5
  • Filth Range: T2-T5
  • Conversion chance: T3-T5



Revenue Perks:

  • 20% royalties pool share
  • 20% spilled blood pool share
  • 10% fee in marketplace
  • Low chance for on-map NFT drops
  • Medium conversion rate