Vampire Wars is a territory domination strategy game where players control Crypts and Vampires on the actual map of the world. 


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We are a team of independent talents.  We are building a product together with, and for the community. It will not be easy, but it will definitely be fun and rewarding.

Cătălin Rîmaru

Founder & CEO

Game/DeFi passionate, dedicated to contribute to the Web3.0 revolution. Digital enthusiastic with experience in Digital Marketing & Advertising, Ecommerce, Banking and IT&C.

Cristi Tuțu


Digital & Software development enthusiast with advanced knowledge in designing large scale Lean processes, development, integration and maintenance, with a soft spot for blockchain technologies and crypto. A doer with experience in working in fast changing tech start-up environments.

Iemke Kooijman

Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer with an affinity towards blockchain development and mapbox technology. Node.JS savvy and experienced with building dApps on Solidity and Chaincode.

Ozan Erdi

Art Director

Digital Artist & Illustrator. Character & Concept Artist. Game concept designer. Real world Architect with over 7 years experience in multidisciplinary coordination and generating architectural detail solutions for fit outs.

Victor Stanciu

Graphic Design

Digital artist & Illustrator. Graphic designer for web & mobile. Front end developer with a crush Ux & Ui, always looking forward to delivering seamless experiences for users on all screens.

Alessandro Bonvini

Community Manager

Experienced in DeFi environments, hungry for knowledge. Technical Community Manager for different projects. Nanotech Engineer, working in IT.